Yui-Li is a character in the Miyu TV series.
Seeking revenge for the deaths of her family, her beloved Yang, and her master Chang at the hands of the shinma Koh-Waku, Yui-Li, a Chinese warrior priestess, arrived in Japan. She had combated Miyu, mistaking her for Koh-Waku, and later rebuffed her help when the misunderstanding was uncovered.
When she learned that Koh-Waku was to leave on the next new moon, Yui-Li confronted the shinma, but was caught off-guard when Koh-Waku had used copies of those she loved – and who the shinma had slain - against her. It would have worked – if Miyu, Larva and Shiina hadn't interceded and sent the shinma back into the darkness. Afterwords, Yui-Li had begged for Miyu to drink her blood, to allow her to forget the memories of those she lost. But Miyu refused, forcing the girl to live with those memories.
Yui Li is a skilled martial artist. Her favored weapons are two sai, which she uses expertly.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Akemi Okamura (岡村 明美)
  • ENGLISH - Zilah Hill Mendoza