Translated as "Beak Covet," Shidon (神魔・嘴貪?) is a Bird Shinma of the Bird Tribe with sword blades on his wrists. He can shoot an endless stream of feather and emit shockwaves as well as more basic characteristics including unrivaled strength and speed, ability to fly, and create illusions.

He appeared in the form of a street vendor and the charms that Chisato bought from him prevented Miyu from learning his identity.

Upon an attempt on Yukari's life, his identity was later known to Miyu during this time. Shidon sheded his disguise and ended up fighting Miyu and Larva as Yukari fled only for her to end up killed by Chisato. Shidon then told Miyu that the Bird Tribe has been after her for awhile.

Larva remained and fought a progressively losing battle against him while Miyu left to fight Chisato. While Larva was struggling for survival while finding out why the Bird Shinma are after Miyu, Shidon summoned more Bird Shinma to assist him. Before being completely and utterly defeated and subsequently slain, Larva managed to tap into Miyu's fire attack as a last-ditch emergency and use it to return the shocked Shidon and his Bird Shinma followers to "The Darkness" before he could react to this new development.

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